Welcome New Director

Welcome Juan Vaccaluzzo, the new director of Wine Education @MetroWines

and Director of The Asheville School of Wine @MetroWines.


Message from Juan:

 My name is Juan, and I was born and raised in Argentina. I moved to the states in my early teens, and since then have lived in south Florida, New York, and Asheville since September 2017. My origins belie my love of wine. Sure, my family consumed tons of the stuff, which is both customary and legally required in Argentina!! But I became entranced with this wonderful world of bottled flavor during my days as a bartender in New York.
    I was working at a Spanish tapas and wine restaurant, and worked closely with our sommelier, who insisted that I taste, taste, and then taste some more. Slowly but surely, a creeping interest turned into appreciation, turned into passion. I decided to challenge myself and become a sommelier. And so, I started my journey in February of 2017. Two months later I was awarded the WSET Level 2 (Intermediate) award in wines, and, 4 months after that, in August, I accepted the Level 3 (Advanced Sommelier) award from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust. 
    Life finds me in Asheville now, as part of this wonderful family that is Metro Wines. I am infinitely excited about, and eager to continue our work with the Asheville School of Wine, as well as foster our current and future relationships with our clients.

    Please join me for a class through The Asheville School of Wine @MetroWines and follow me on this Blog.

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