2017 Winter/Spring Class Schedule:

The second Thursday of each month from 6:00-7:00. $20 per class plus tax or $100 for all 6! Each class includes a wine tasting and cheese.

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Class 1: Wine Essentials

                Learn the basics of wine, from practical tips on getting the most enjoyment out of your wine to describing the flavor characteristics of the wines you drink. Learn about decanting, serving, storing and aging your wine as well as hints on ordering wine in a restaurant like a pro!

February 9th 6:00-7:00, $20 or $100 for all 6 classes.

Class 2: France

                Learn the wines of France, the country with the most famous wines of all! Join us as we taste our way through Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, and other famous areas of France. We will also learn how to read a French wine label.

March 9th 6:00-7:00, $20 or $100 for all 6 classes.

Class 3: Italy

               Intimidated by Italian wines? You won't be after this class! Learn about the most famous regions and grape varietals of Italy and how to read an Italian wine label.

April 13th 6:00-7:00, $20 or $100 for all 6 classes.

Class 4: The Iberian Peninsula

                Learn about some of the best value wines in the world as we take a tour through Spain and Portugal. We will cover the most famous areas of Spain and delve into Portugal, a country whose wines are just being discovered by Americans now.

May 11th 6:00-7:00, $20 or $100 for all 6 classes.

Class 5: The Southern Hemisphere

                Take a tour "below the belt" as we visit the major wine growing areas of the Southern Hemisphere! Discover the regions and grapes of Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

June 8th 6:00-7:00, $20 or $100 for all 6 classes.

Class 6: Wines You Never Knew You Loved

                Life is too short to just drink Cabernet and Chardonnay! Take a walk on the wild side as we discover the less known grape varietals and regions of the world. Learn about the wines of Austria, Southern France, Southern Italy and other countries and impress your friends with the new and interesting wines you are enjoying.

July 13th 6:00-7:00, $20 or $100 for all 6 classes.


Buy classes here! https://www.metrowinesasheville.com/store/special-events/






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