I just got in my end of course evaluations from my sold-out class, A Wine Trip Through Europe. Not to toot my own horn but...toot!


"Andy is a natural teacher and is really enthusiastic about the topic of wine. He has developed a

beautiful script for the class with detailed notes and beautiful photos of the regions where the

particular wines are made. Many of our class of 14 had previous wine experiences in the

countries covered in the class, which coupled with Andy's information, made for a very

energetic and enjoyable time. We plan to take the class again whenever it is offered next."


"Andy is an engaging instructor who is thoroughly passionate about what he teaches and eager

to share the subject matter with his class. Andy enthusiastically delivers his instruction through

analogies to deepen our understanding and invitations to his audience to share experiences

and ask questions. For sure, Andy provided a comfortable environment for all. My past position

at university located in Philadelphia (I recently retired) required me to perform me to perform in

class teacher evaluations. As far as I'm concerned, Andy knocked all of my clients out of the

ballpark! What a natural! Thank you OLLI for engaging Metro Wine among your course



"Such an enjoyable class! Andy is an excellent presenter and shows his love of the topic. A

great ambassador for Metro Wine!"


"I had heard great things about the wine courses and was very pleased to find the

recommendations to all be true. What a delight!"


"Best course I have taken virtually anywhere in my life (and I have taken a lot of courses!). Very

much appreciated Andy's knowledge and tremendous patience. Thank you, Andy!!"


"The course was very well done, however I bought too much wine"