Blind Tasting at the Asheville Wine & Food Festival

Blind Tasting at the Asheville Wine & Food Festival

By popular demand, we are coming back to the Asheville Wine & Food Festival to bring some blind tasting fun! We will teach you the secrets of the Sommeliers, and show how to detect the grape varietal, country of origin and even the alcohol percentage of several different wines. Blind tasting is a Sommelier art where you learn to deduce where the wine is from and what grapes it is made out of, all by taste and smell alone. This is a serious part of the exam to become a Sommelier, but we teach the secrets in a fun, stress free atmosphere. In my opinion this is the best way to improve your senses and brush up on your wine tasting desriptors, so you can learn to talk like a pro while you dissect the wines! If you've seen the documentary "Somm", you have an idea of how challenging blind tasting can be. Now try the real thing for yourself!

For a video of last year's tasting, check out

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Saturday, 29 February 2020