More pics from Bordeaux!

More pics from Bordeaux!

The day has finally come! Michele d'Aprix and her crew have been hard at work in the vineyard, and she has been sending us videos and pics all day! The following are shots from around her estate and a video of the "1901" merlot being loaded into tank #5. The "1901" refers to the date that the Merlot was planted. Yup, I guess that counts as "Old Vine", right?

Stop by tonight at 5:00 to Skype with Michele herself, live from her cellar! Ask her questions about winemaking, or just try her wine and tell her what you think of it.


The Chateau.


Baby Vines.


The soil in the vineyard. Limestone and clay.


Beautifully preserved ancient seawater fossils in the limestone!


The Barrel Room.


Wine in a vat.


The "1901" Merlot landing at the winery.

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Thursday, 13 May 2021

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