Nineteen Eighty Six

So I have a friend in Portland who used to manage a restaurant. One of his regular customers was a very nice man who loved to talk about the size of his wine cellar. He spoke of it often, and it was a point of great pride for him. So one day, he came in with a few business associates of his whom he was trying to impress. He had brought an older vintage bottle of wine from his cellar, and requested that three glasses be brought to the table. \"Bring a glass for yourself.\" he said with a sly wink.
They all sat down at a table and my friend placed the glasses around the table. From out of his bag, the man produced a bottle and proudly said \"Nineteen eighty six!\" before placing it on the table like it was a trophy. My friend was shocked when he saw the bottle. It was a 1986 vintage red, from a California house known for producing inexpensive jug wine. It was no longer red. As my friend was pouring the wine around the table, the viscous, brown liquid could hardly be referred to as wine. Don\'t forget to pour yourself some!\" the man said.
My friend did as he was asked, and left the table with his glass. It looked like varnish and smelled like paint thinner. After a rousing \"Cheers!\" from the table, the man went to work on his wine. His companions did so as well, reluctantly. Shooting glances at each other as they tasted it.
The man had made a very common mistake about aging wine. He was under the mistaken impression that ALL wine gets better with age. It turns out, he had been buying cheap grocery store wine by the case, and was then storing it for twenty years or more! Most of those are meant to be consumed relatively young, and are absolutely not suitable for aging, really at all! This is a case where a little wine knowledge could have averted a disastrous attempt to impress some new clients!
After the meal, my friend went by to ask how the evening went. The man said that the food and service had been excellent! When asked about the wine, he said \"It was good, but starting to turn a bit. Good thing I didn\'t wait any longer!\"
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Tra Vigne Restaurant


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Thursday, 13 May 2021

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