What is good wine service? In a word: Salvatore. Put aside the fact that this night was at a restaurant in Verona and that Salvatore should have been in the movies because it could have happened anywhere but not with anybody. This was one of those restaurants where you make the deal with yourself to lunch on street food FOREVER just for one meal in this restaurant. We, because 20 years ago we did not know what we know now about pairing food and wine! asked Salvatore to select the food and the wine that, I think we said, \"goes with it.\" He did. And 20 years later, I remember the aroma the taste, the atmosphere, his gracious and perfectly timed presence, everything. Salvatore not only had extensive wine knowledge, he made us feel like we had a private plane waiting for us on some Veronese runway. That\'s good wine service. Thank you, Salvatore, wherever you are, for the memory of a lifetime and thanks for the Brunello!
by Gina Trippi
Tra Vigne Restaurant


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Thursday, 13 May 2021

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