We were interviewed by Market Watch Magazine recently about our upcoming Beaujolais Nouveau Tasting and book signing. In it I made the bold claim that we are on the verge of a quality revolution for Nouveau. Just like all wines, I think we as consumers are growing tired of mass-produced, mediocre quality wines and are purchasing better quality products. That's why we have decided to focus on only quality Nouveau this year, instead of stacking cases of pinkish-hued plonk. This belief that we are buying better quality wines is what is feuling my belief that Nouveau will get better and better over time.

Having said that, Nouveau is different from traditionally fermented wine. We are talking about wine that hasn't been aged at all, the grapes were literally on the vine a few months ago. It will never rival Chateauneuf-du-Pape, but it isn't supposed to. Beaujolais Nouveau is a seasonal celebration of the current harvest. It should be simple, fresh, fruity and fun. It doesn't have to be any more than that.

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