The Great Annual Rosé Wine Tasting

The Great Annual Rosé Wine Tasting

Once it gets above 60 degrees for a few days in a row, I'm ready for Rosé! My fridge is already loaded up with pink wine and I'm putting it away as fast as I can. To me, Rosé is synonymous with spring and eating outside.

If you aren't a fan of Rosé wine, you owe it to yourself to try some of the dry wines that are popping up all over the world. These are miles away from White Zinfandel and Mateus!

The best time to test drive some pink wine is Saturday, May 7th. Once a year we break out some of our favorite rosé wines to taste side by side, so that we can see the little differences between a rosé from Provence and one from Rioja, for instance. Winemakers all over the world have started making rosé and they all are a little different. Come taste the wines and learn about Rosé wine from the Asheville School of Wine!

Read more about it here

Come by next month and try them out!

Taste the Wines of Saumur, Asheville's Sister City...
We Skyped with Bruwer Raats!!!


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Saturday, 29 February 2020