Wine labeling and ...Animals?

Kind of a weird combination, huh? On Tuesday, October 14th, we will be hosting Julie Lewin, former lobbyist and president of the National Institute for Animal Advocacy, who will be discussing her book about how to get legislation passed for Animal rights. Her passion is working for animal rights, but her methods will work for any cause.
Before that, I will be discussing my own personal pet legislation issue; Wine ingredient labeling! Currently, wineries do not have to disclose their list of ingredients on the label. But Andy, it should just be grapes, and maybe yeast if we are being really picky, right? Oh I wish it was that simple! Many commercial wineries doctor their wines with a myriad of chemical ingredients that you would really not want to put in your body! There are over 100 different chemicals that are legal to add to your wines in the US, and I'm not talking about sulfites here! As the owner of an organic wine company once told me, "The fact that there is no list of ingredients on the label of the wine that you are drinking should terrify you." Scary stuff!

So come out on Tuesday and hear about the chemicals you are putting in your body with commercial wines, and stay to hear what you can do about it from Julie. Be it animal rights or wine honesty, she is a pro and knows how to get changes made in Washington.


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Tuesday, 25 February 2020