Wine Tasting at the Grovewood Gallery!

Wine Tasting at the Grovewood Gallery!

This past weekend Metro Wines held a wildly successful tasting in conjunction with Grovewood Gallery at the Grove Park Inn. As the weather warmed and the flowers bloomed, we really enjoyed showcasing a few of our favorite wines from the shop.


A perennial customer favorite, Yali Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere blend from Chile, was loved by all who were looking for an earthy, fuller bodied red wine while browsing through the art gallery. For those who were looking for something a little lighter in body, the Nunes Barata white wine from Portugal was a huge hit. It’s light, crisp, and ever so slightly citrusy.


Now for the Grand Finale - Mirabilia Rosé from Ippolito! It by far the most popular wine we poured and it makes total sense. Nothing accentuates a beautiful spring afternoon like a beautiful glass of rosé. The Mirabilia is light, crisp, and as floral as a blooming botanical garden!

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Saturday, 29 February 2020